Portfolio Reviews in Patmos - Greece - Panagiotis Papoutsis
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Portfolio Reviews in Patmos – Greece

Portfolio Reviews in Patmos – Greece

Portfolio Reviews with Panagiotis Papoutsis in Patmos

Every photographer who will be in the island of Patmos will have the chance to come in touch with Panagiotis Papoutsis (Co-Founder of Photometria Festival) and be advised on how to build a Photo-Portfolio and how it can be developed into a complete series of images. In addition they will be given tips on how this Portfolio can help photographers to promote their work within photographic networks, international photo festivals and international photo competitions as well.

This action sets the foundations of a long-term partnership in which these two festivals will share common ideas, actions and images in order to highlight photography to individuals of different cultural interests.

-Interested parties can register by sending us an email at info@photosphere.gr, providing us with a short CV and a brief description of their photographic work in Greek or English until August 5, 2018.
-The selection of participants will be made by the organizers by keeping a priority order.
– Each participant will have a 20-minute session with the Reviewer.
– The maximum number of photographers will be 15 people / day (if there is a large amount of participations, Portfolio Reviews will be held for a second day as well).
– Each participant should have (15-20) printed photos that are all or a part of a photographic project, ideally in size no larger than 13x19cm.

The action will take place in the conference room of Patmos Cultural Center “Patmion”, on Sunday, August 12, 2018, from 17:00 onwards. Participants will be notified of the exact time of their appointment.

Participation is Free!


Photos taken by Maksim Finogeev