Isolation Measures - Panagiotis Papoutsis
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Isolation Measures

“Isolation Measures” became a means of adapting to quarantine and hope. It started out as a quarantine diary, capturing my feelings and thoughts as a means of creative relaxation and reaction. From March 16, every day, with the camera on my every move in and out of the house, I started taking pictures.
It was difficult, as i imagine it would be difficult for all of us. Beauty is inside us and next to us. But you also have to be in the same psychological state to see it. I saw everything around me in black and white during this time, and when all this is over, the color will definitely come back into my life, as well as in my photos.
The need to capture everyday life arose along the way out against all this fear, fear mainly for the next day. I hadn’t thought at all about what I wanted to do and where will lead me, this particular series of photos came out spontaneously, as a normal reaction of body, of mind and soul.
My body reacted day by day: from the difficulty of the initial acceptance of what was happening, then came the habit and finally the optimism of the way out of the crisis. In every new measure of isolation, in every announcement, in every thought, a deep breath followed. Every photo I took was a step, a transcendence, a personal success.

Αll the photos of the project “Isolation Measures” were taken in Athens throughout the quarantine period (16 March – 4 May 2020).